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Family Law

Family Law is a complex legal area including such things as: adoption; divorce – custody, child support, visitation, maintenance (alimony), and division of assets; separations; guardianships; and prenuptial agreements. Because of the highly emotional nature of these life-changing events, choosing the right attorney can make all the difference to your family. We at Hall Law Firm understand how difficult these things can be and will assist in a professional, efficient manner to get the desired results.

Estate Planning & Administration

Often overlooked, estate planning is a crucial and valuable resource that every individual should utilize. A huge misconception is that only the rich need to worry about having a will or trust so that upon their death their assets are disposed of according to their plans. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Every individual needs to have a plan in place for how their estate will be handled upon their death. At Hall Law Firm we ensure that your will or estate is detailed and outlined A-Z as swiftly as possible.

Personal Injury

The aftermath of an injury can be painful, stressful and an emotionally draining experience particularly when the injury is severe. When that injury is caused due to someone else's negligent or careless acts, additional complications become factored into the equation. It is essential that if you have fallen victim to any kind of harm at the hand of another that you do not take the scenario lightly. Hiring an experienced law firm can be crucial to ensuring you receive compensation vital to your physical and emotional recovery.