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Family Law

Family Law is a complex legal area including such things as: adoption; divorce – custody, child support, visitation, maintenance (alimony), and division of assets; separations; guardianships; and prenuptial agreements. Because of the highly emotional nature of these life-changing events, choosing the right attorney can make all the difference to your family. We at Hall Law Firm understand how difficult these things can be and will assist in a professional, efficient manner to get the desired results.

Estate Planning & Administration

Often overlooked, estate planning is a crucial and valuable resource that every individual should utilize. A huge misconception is that only the rich need to worry about having a will or trust so that upon their death their assets are disposed of according to their plans. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Every individual needs to have a plan in place for how their estate will be handled upon their death. At Hall Law Firm we ensure that your will or estate is detailed and outlined A-Z as swiftly as possible.